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The new Fox’s Caffè range is ideally suited as an accompaniment to coffee due to its unique flavours and textures. Using the best selling coffee syrup flavours hazelnut and caramel creates the ideal sweet treat to compliment the smooth taste of coffee, which can be enjoyed at any occasion.

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The full minty

The full minty

A taste sensation and an exhilarating flavour combination; Rocky just got that bit more exciting with the launch of Rocky Cool Mint Choc Limited Edition. Packing an all-minty punch, this new chunky biscuit bar is sure to get the taste buds tingling.

Offering a minty twist on a classic favourite, Rocky Cool Mint Choc Limited Edition boasts a rugged crunchy biscuit with the sweet flavour of mint cream, covered in thick delicious milk chocolate.

Available in a pack of eight individually wrapped bars, this new limited edition range is the perfect treat for an exciting day out, as a tasty snack on the go, or as an extra special surprise in a school lunchbox.

Experience the minty chocolate kick from mid October 2013 by picking up your own Rocky Cool Mint Choc Limited Edition at supermarkets nationwide with a standard RRP of £1.69.


Discover your perfect ‘coffee moment’

Discover your perfect ‘coffee moment’

Whether you are excited by espresso, crazy for cappuccino or insatiable for instant, there is nothing like the pleasure of a cup of coffee. Now, thanks to the biscuiteers at Fox’s you can enjoy the perfect accompaniment to your favourite coffee with the launch of the new Fox’s Caffè range.

Enjoying a coffee is a moment to be savoured, and a sweet treat to accompany your favourite blend is a must for the ultimate relaxing experience, but until now, the biscuit choice has been limited. So with Brits drinking over 70 million cups a day the biscuit boffins at Fox’s have created an exciting new range of biscuits designed as the perfect partner for every coffee occasion.

The new Fox’s Caffè range is ideally suited as an accompaniment to coffee due to its unique flavours and textures. Using the best selling coffee syrup flavours – hazelnut and caramel – creates the ideal sweet treat to compliment the smooth taste of coffee, which can be enjoyed at any occasion. Whether it’s a quick cup of instant at your desk or a latte enjoyed while reading the Sunday papers at home, there is now the perfect biscuit to accompany each and every coffee moment.




Whether it's an event, the end of term or just because you care; there's always a reason to treat those important to you. To celebrate these special occasions, why not say thank you in the shape of chocolate rounds with the launch of the new limited edition Fox's Gift Boxes. These Fox's gifts of chocolate rounds boast 12 delicious shortcake biscuits, nestling inside thick gorgeous layers of milk chocolate. And with gift-wrapped designs inspired to make that someone feel special, these delicious boxes of joy are bound to raise a smile.




For those with a taste for adventure, a new treat awaits... enter the Rocky Double Choc Orange Bar. A limited edition Rocky experience like no other, that's sure to tantalise the taste buds of biscuit fans everywhere.

Giving an old favourite a new lease of life, Rocky Double Choc Orange boasts a chocolately base and the sweet flavour of orange cream, all wrapped up in a delicious milk chocolate layer.

Available in a pack of nine individually wrapped bars, this new limited edition range is the perfect treat for an exciting day out, as a tasty snack on the go, or as an extra special surprise in a school lunchbox. Offering double the fun with a twist, Rocky Double Choc Orange is available for a limited time only in all major supermarkets, RRP £1.59, so pick up a pack and let the adventure begin.




Who can resist a little treat? Or two? Those who crave a light bite of everyday indulgence should look no further than new Fox's Velvety. This is a tantalising fusion of luxurious rippled milk chocolate, draped over a airy mousse-like cream, with a, flavoured soft centre and the finest, crunchy, buttery shortcake biscuit base. (Sounds rather goo-ood doesn't it?) If that's not enough to get you sprinting to the aisles, perhaps you'll be swayed by the fact that Fox's Velvety can be enjoyed in two irresistible varieties: Caramel & Honeycomb Cream and Fudge Cream & Chocolate. And those who can't say no to a quick biscuit fix on the go, there are Fox's Velvety Bars. Just like Fox's Velvety biscuits, each individually wrapped Velvety Bar is a little slice of luxury. Fox's Velvety Bars are available in these delicious flavours: Chocolate Fudge and Praline.




We’ve always been one of the most popular brands in the sweet biscuit sector, but now we’ve decided to move into savoury snacks as well. And about time too, you’re probably thinking.

So, without further ado, say a big hello to ‘Magnificos’.

These exciting new, made-for-sharing, snacks will have all the Fox’s quality you expect and will come in three mouth-watering flavours. Cheddar Cheese and Spring Onion. Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Red Chilli and Lime.

Only one question remains. Why did it take us so long to invent them?!




Whether it’s heights or creepy crawlies, irrational fears affect the lives of millions of Brits up and down the country. And research reveals that over one million children in the UK may have inherited their phobias from their parents.

The research was conducted as part of Rocky’s ‘Go Rocky’ campaign: a nationwide initiative encouraging families to overcome their fears by taking on a series of daring experiences. The first of these experiences is ‘Mt. Rocky’: a towering 10m chocolate-based climbing wall that opened at Alton Towers Resort in April 2012.

The aim of Mt. Rocky is to help people to conquer their fear of heights in a way that is fun and enjoyable, rather than daunting or scary. Hopefully it will make people wonder why they ever feared heights in the first place!




Fox’s iconic Party Rings just got a makeover. A chocolate makeover, no less.

For nearly thirty years, Fox's Party Rings have been the most vibrant, fun and playful biscuits. And, as we all know, they’re perfect for birthday parties, filling the biscuit barrel or as a lunchbox treat.

But now they're about to go where no Party Ring has gone before with the launch of brand spanking new Party Choc Rings.

With the iconic ring shape we all know and love, the latest tantalising addition to the Party range gives sweet-toothed fans everything they could ever have dreamed of. A delicious chocolate base topped with rippling chocolate flavoured icing and bright white decoration.




Chart-topping pop star Peter Andre put his life-long fear of heights behind him by valiantly completing the maiden climb of Mt. Rocky - the world’s first chocolate-based climbing wall. Brave Peter conquered the 32-foot chocolate climb to reach the summit and officially launch Mt. Rocky at Alton Towers Resort.

The first person to scale the peak of Mt. Rocky, Peter tackled a colossal chocolate-scented wall and scrambled through a biscuit crumb grotto before attempting the climb itself: a 10m vertical chocolate ascent with a cascading four-tonne chocolate waterfall, flowing at a rate of 70,000 litres per hour - a feat that even the bravest of adventurers may have shied away from.

Mt. Rocky takes its inspiration from the much-loved Rocky chocolate biscuit bar and has been designed by famous food artists, Bompas & Parr. Combining gastronomical wizardry, complex engineering, innovative techniques and technology with plenty of chocolate, it is their most ambitious project to date.

About Us

From humble beginnings as a small Victorian bakery in northern England over 150 years ago, Fox’s Biscuits has grown to become one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands. With a vision to be ‘famous for the great stuff’, Fox’s is renowned for its unique blend of quality and quirkiness.

Fox’s offers twenty ranges of great tasting biscuit products across all subcategories of the biscuit market, including Everyday Treats, Grown Up Indulgence and Kids. Leading Fox’s products include the much-loved Crunch Creams, luxurious Melts and iconic Party Rings. Fox’s is also the proud owner of the chocolate biscuit bar Rocky and manufactures biscuits for a number of leading UK retailers under retailer brand names.

Fox’s has three main manufacturing facilities in the UK: our Batley head office in West Yorkshire, Kirkham near Blackpool and Uttoxeter in Staffordshire. Our distribution centres are based in Wakefield and Uttoxeter.

Famous for the great stuff

Since April 2011, Fox’s has been part of 2 Sisters Food Group. Click to find out more >>>

2 Sisters Food Group

Headquartered in Birmingham, 2 Sisters Food Group was established in 1993 by Chief Executive, Ranjit Singh, and remains a privately owned company. Today the company is a diversified food manufacturer with strong market positions in Poultry, Chilled, Bakery and Frozen categories whose focus is on delivering the highest quality product to customers at the lowest cost.

2 Sisters Food Group has 35 manufacturing sites in the UK and Ireland, six in Holland and one in Poland. The group employs around 18,000 people and annual sales are now over £2.1 billion following the acquisition of Northern Foods in April 2011. Although 2 Sisters Food Group is predominantly a private label manufacturer, in addition to Fox's Biscuits the other branded products it produces include the following: Buxted, Devonshire Red, Goodfella's Pizza, Matthew Walker Christmas puddings and Green Isle vegetables.


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